Latest SEO Updates in 2019 for small-medium business

Written by Dadu Patil

It is no secret that searches from mobile devices in Google area unit, the year when a year, continually in constant growth and it's for this reason that for months we've been talking regarding the roll-out of its mobile-first index.

Mainly, for this reason, it's fascinating to notice is that when it involves classifying the fluctuations the mobile SERP is far additional volatile than the desktop and it's exactly for this reason that the largest fluctuations of Florida a pair of 2.0 update were recorded from the desktop.

This are some of the SEO Updates in 2019 for small-medium business:

1. Mobile Friendly:


With the new update, Florida 2.0 Google now uses a mobile version of your page to index and Rank a Webpage on top of Search Engine. Bear in mind, a mobile-first index doesn't mean “mobile-only.” There’s still one index with each mobile and desktop versions. 

However, the entire “mobile-first” buzz means Google is using the mobile versions for ranking once the site’s migrated.

As nowadays Mobile devices are the primary source to search for anything on the internet, there’s no excuse to procrastinate with mobile-friendliness.

It's better to optimize a website for mobile devices, Below are some of the parameters that need to be taken care:

⦁ To understand how search engine spiders see your mobile pages, crawl them with mobile bot tools.
⦁ Track website mobile pages speed.
⦁ At last, check whether webpages deliver flawless performance in accordance with the highest standards.

2. Website Speed:


Desktop page loading time has been a ranking factor for a moment. In July, it got a twin sib – mobile page speed’s become a ranking issue for mobile.

The info for the metric is taken from the Chrome User expertise report, the important users’ performance information. It reflects how your website loads for every visitor. It’s clearly hard to measure how fast every visitor’s device loads your website. As a result, the metric’s not possible to urge through local tests.

Optimize Website Speed with the following factor:

⦁ Make sure website loads in 3.2 Seconds(GTMetrix)
⦁ Use one  H1 Tag per webpage to focus keyword in it
⦁ Compress images on webpages as possible as in order to load it fast
⦁ Redirect every combination of URL structure into one of the HTTP, HTTPS or WWW, Non-WWW. Make sure every possible structure redirected into only one.

3. Content Optimisation:


Content is King as we tend to all heard this, so as to rank any webpage/blog your content ought to be as distinctive as potential, it should be more relevant to the topic/niche.

Write content in a very natural approach do not try to use keywords, again and again, simply to rank it on Google search engine.

Google new update Florida 2.0 has changed its look towards content from previously.

How to Optimize Content, Below are some of the examples:

⦁ Use H1, H2, H3 Tags wherever necessary
⦁ Make it is as natural as possible and relevant to a particular niche
⦁ Use the hyperlink to particular keywords in order to get internal links

4. Optimize for Voice Search:


According to research, almost 50% of adults perform at least one voice search every day through their smartphone.

Voice searches performed in Google are up 35x since 2008.  Google tended to source voice search answers from content that ranked in the top 3 search results.

It's really important to optimize websites for Voice Search in 2019:

⦁ The vast majority of voice searches are question-based
⦁ When that happens, Google usually picks a page that contains the question and answer


5. Get Quality Backlinks Over Quantity:


As Backlinks plays an important role in the latest SEO updates, previously what happened the more backlinks you have the more chances of getting on top of SERP.

But now its change the Good Quality backlinks you have the more your chances to rank on SERP.

So, these are some of the latest SEO updates in 2019.

Try to optimize Content with unique information, Bloggers and journalists LOVE unique data.

And if you can hook them up with a stat, a survey, or an industry study, they’ll throw links at your feet like rose petals.

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