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Types Of Contracts

Results-Driven work

In the chosen time-frame, the client and the SEO-Professional, will agree on a set of keywords and websites to promote.
When reaching top-10 search-engine results-page status for at least % of keywords (agreed beforehand), a "Success-Payment" will be paid to the SEO-Professional.

Continuous work

Payment each week, with automatic results-monitoring. all contract types have an option to convert to "Continuous work contract".


In the SEO arena, there are 2 major issues

It is really hard to find a good SEO Professional. Most of the people rely on word-of-mouth, or non-relevant metrics

It is very hard to track progress of a good SEO contract. Because of this difficulty, most SEO contracts are either not results based ("pay-for-results"), and if they are, they contain ambiguous definitions of "results" and "success".


SEO Shuk solves both of these major problems, elegantly and easily

When creating a work, you can choose from different types of contracts which you can customize to minute details, all enforceable by SEO-Shuk automatically. You only pay for results (top 10 for selected keywords). No more paying for unknown efforts.

Each contract is tracked by SEO-Shuk for progress, and SEO-Shuk provides success-statistics for each SEO Professional, according to past performances, in addition to written reviews by previous clients, and direct communications with the SEO-Professional, so you will have easy time choosing the right one for you.

And in addition, provides these wonderful benefits

Support is available 24/7 by real people.

You will receive bids by all available SEO-Professionals within minutes!

Keep up-to-date with our mobile-friendly website, and notification system.

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